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Contingent from Argetina flies to Belgium

Contingent from Argetina flies to Belgium

Many things have happened since our visit to Salta External link in 2013. If you are following the CErrobotics G+ page External linkyou know about the Dwengo boards made in Salta and about the activities of Fundasoft External link in Córdoba, Argentina that will release their own version of the Dwengo board very soon.


Support 50 teenagers in building Art Bots

Dwengo vzw is organising an International Robot Week for teenagers from all over the world. Our goal? Building robots that will produce art!

Support the campaign via IndieGogo External link


Dwengo connects with Bhumi (India)


For 2014, Dwengo is planning a robot project in Chennai, India. The project setup will be very similar to the CErrobotics project External link that Dwengo launched in 2013 in Argentina. In total, at least 90 socio-economical disadvantaged children will get the opportunity to be coached by robot experts and build a robot by themselves. Additionally, teachers and other volunteers will be trained to continue the robot activities for Indian underprivileged children. A large part of the preparations involve partnering with other organisations.


Dwengo in Salta

collaboration game

Today, Saturday 28th of September, a Dwengo symposium was held with teachers from the province of Salta. The day started with an overview of the main goals and achievements of the CErrobotics project External link:

  1. Reaching out for socio-economically disadvantaged highschool students (in total 86 students, age 11-18, participated, together with 35 highschool teachers),
  2. Introducing novel technologies and robotics (all of them had to build a robot),

Robot bloopers

In the CErrobotics project External link students and teachers of the Salta province get a hands-on robot building experience. By building a robot External link which is able to find and extinguish a candle they learn to combine programming, mechanics and electronics, and this in a joyful way. By means of these workshops we hope that teachers will apply novel technologies in their classroom, while at the same time we make students enthusiastic for engineering. Additionally, they also learn another valuable lesson: robots do not always behave as desired!


Image representation and data transfer: an adapted CS Unplugged game

Image representation and data transfer: an adapted CS Unplugged game

The CS Unplugged handbook External link contains an interesting collection of games related with computer science which can be played with kids and teenagers. The games are constructed such that the players can explore different solutions and come up with answers by themselves. Afterwards, one can easily discuss the answers in group and link them with computer science theory. The best thing of all this, you don't even need a computer!


CErrobotics visiting desolate areas and more

Since last Saturday (17th August 2013), I joined Juan Pablo in Argentina to coordinate the CErrobotics project. Already from the first day it was clear that Argentina cannot be compared to any European country: many roads without asphalt, no pavements, chaotically structured buildings, no stable internet connections but also extreme hospitality and friendly people, a winter which feels as Belgian spring, luxury buses (because there are no trains) etc.


Dwengo in Argentinean TV

Dwengo was present in Radio/TV of Salta, Argentina. During the show we presented the Dwengo board and explained the objective of the Dwengo CErrobotics External link workshops 2013. Also, we explained the vision of Dwengo as a non-profit.

Sadly the video is missing the first minutes where we described the board functionality and we thanked the support from the Secretary of Science and Technology of the province of Salta, led by Dr. María Soledad Vicente.

Despite the difficulty we are facing to import the educational material into Argentina, the organization of the workshops continues its normal course. We are looking forward to the workshops for more than 30 teachers and 90 students, and to ending the event with a huge symposium for more than 200 people from education. We hope everything turns out well in the end!

CErrobotics scientific outreach talk 2013, Salta Argentina.

RISE-Dwengo Screen

Photos of the first CErrobotics scientific outreach talk.
This one framed in the "Physics for everyone" workshops organized by Daniel Córdoba.
We had around 200 students and 50 other visitors.

Check out the pictures External link


Google RISE meeting 2013

Google RISE logo

From June 12th until 14th, Juan Pablo Carbajal and Francis wyffels represented Dwengo on the Google RISE 2013 summit in London (see picture below with our Google host Marielena Ivory). At this unique event Google RISE External link partners from around the world, of which Dwengo is also part as the first Benelux, were present. For three days there were vivid discussions with one goal: how to encourage young people into STE(A)M, Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) and Mathematics!?

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