Dwengo Board

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The Dwengo board is the ideal experiment board for young and old, for the beginning hobbyist or the more experienced electro technicus.

This board is built around the popular PIC18F4550. This powerful microcontroller provides the board with the necessary computing power and contains many extras that can be easily addressed, such as USB 2.0 support, PWM-outputs, analogue inputs, ...
Also, the Dwengo board provides push buttons, LED's, motor and servo drivers, an LCD-display, and much more. Click to see an overview of all functionality.

It doesn't end here, however! The expansion connector allows you to quickly and easily connect extra components or your own circuit with the Dwengo board.

Thanks to the many tutorials available on this site, even a novice electronics hobbyists will find it easy to uncover the secrets of microcontrollers!

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Overview functionality of the Dwengo board

Dwengo board

The possibilities of the Dwengo board seem endless: handy push buttons, analog inputs, LCD display, USB, everything for motor driving, and so much more... On this page you find a complete overview.

LCD Display

The LCD display on the Dwengo board is a 16x2 character display with backlight. This display uses a frequently used HD44780 External link compatible controller.

Expansion connector

The Dwengo board can easily be connected to other components. This page gives an overview of all connectors and their functions.

Pinout table for PIC and Dwengo board

This table provides an overview of the pins on the PIC and the expansion connector. Note that most pins have multiple functions. Some can be used simultaneously, others need to be set in software to one specific function, sometimes in combination with setting a jumper. For further details, always consult the Dwengo-board schematics and the PIC18F4550 datasheet External link.

Jumper configuration Dwengo board

Closeup jumpers Dwengo board

Non-used functionality on the Dwengo board can be turned off by using jumpers. This allows to save power (battery power) or to use the ports for different purposes. Here you can find an overview of the available jumpers and their functionality.

Commonly used configuration bits for the Dwengo board

When programming the Dwengo board some of the configuration bits or fuses have to be set up correctly. An overview of the most common settings for some of the configuration bits with some explanation in the comments follows below. For more information we'd like to refer you to the PIC 18F4550 datasheet .